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  1. @Blitzkrieg, I will give this a try this evening when I get back from work, ill keep you posted and thanks for the info, its really much appreciated.
  2. @Kara I did an export of the normal button which is found in L2UI_ct1.button_df, example of normal html button: <button action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 3" value="Arenas" width=200 height=21 back="L2UI_ct1.button_df" fore="L2UI_ct1.button_df"><br> So i exported the button texture found in the html above (texture size 32x32), changed the color in photoshop and thought it would work when I did the following: <button action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 3" value="Arenas" width=200 height=21 back="MyButton.button_df_green" fore="MyButto
  3. Hi Guys, not sure what I did wrong here, I exported the original texture and changed the color and created a UTX package for all my new color buttons, when I try use the button, it doesn't stretch like the original in the UI utx file? (picture attached) Please can someone help me figure this out, been pulling all my hair out. Thanks.