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  1. Dear players. Mass compensation will be issued to all players today at 20:00. Please be in the game at the time you receive the items. All active players will receive the following items: Freya's Shiny Storm Scroll x10 Luck Coin x25 (For purchasing Premium Status for 1 day)
  2. Dear players. Update Homunculus: P2 will be installed on the "Prelude of War" server - 09.04.2021. Section with files will be updated. On this day, the server may not be available (due to updating and other works). After the update, the game server will be temporarily increased, and all new players who come to the server will receive various bonuses for accelerated character development.
  3. Dear players. In the period from 03/23/2021 to 01.04.2021 there is a 30% discount on any account replenishment. In this time, the price of 1 coins (Coin of Luck) in 0.018 USD ($) is installed.
  4. Dear players. On our server there is a regular rule (share) for all players of our project. The first top of the players who climbed the most votes for the game server will receive a reward, 1 time in two weeks, i.e. 2 times a month. 1st place: Coin of Luck in the amount of 50 pcs. 2nd place: Coin of Luck in size 30 pcs. 3 place: Coin of Luck in the amount of 15 pcs. Voting for the game server occurs in 2 ratings, MMOTOP and L2TOP. References to the project (rank banners on the main page of the site)
  5. Melody2War is a complex of game servers. Our server is a classic concept with its own gameplay. We are working on a daily basis to improve the gameplay and implement certain (Missing) moments and game mechanics. Our project does not strive to become the best among all the other "Free" servers, but, as it was said earlier, we are actively working to make you comfortable playing with us. (Primary language Russian). Web: Melody2war.ru To start playing (Homunculus x500) To start playing (Grand Crusade x3000) Game server description -