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  1. <!-- 2021_christmas 크리스마스 트리 축제 2011 정홍섭 --> <DropEvent Name="christmas" Register="true"> <Drop Tick="100000"> <DropTimes> <Period Start="2020-01-26T18:00:00" End="2022-12-30T07:00:00"/> </DropTimes> <Items DropSequence="fix" DropProb="70.0"> <Item Name="deco_star" Amount="1" Prob="50.0"/> <Item Name="deco_bead" Amount="4" Prob="60.0"/> <Item Name="fir_spring" Amount="4" Prob="70.0"/> <Item Name="flowerpot" Amount="10" Prob="80.0"/> </Items> <TimeVariables>
  2. <!-- g_2011_christmas 크리스마스 트리 축제 2011 정홍섭 --> <DropEvent Name="g_2011_christmas" Register="true"> <Drop Tick="60"> <DropTimes> <Period Start="2011-01-26T18:00:00" End="2011-12-30T07:00:00"/> </DropTimes> <Items DropSequence="fix" DropProb="100.0"> <Item Name="g_santagirl_red_sock" Amount="160" Prob="100"/> </Items> <TimeVariables> <TimeVariable Start="0" End="2" Variable="3"/> <TimeVariable Start="2" End="18" Variable="1"/> <TimeVariable Start=
  3. Maybe someone knows how to enable event ?
  4. As I understood the file superpointinfo.txt don't touch ?
  5. \SuperPoint.cpp][808] Parsing ..\Script\superpointinfo.txt file failed after line[2]
  6. you need to change the IP in the databases to your example 1) Open DBScript\2_lin2comm. sql find in 3 places: set @conn_str = '127.0.0.' + @world_id + "';"user";"pass' -- perhaps you will not find a line, try to search set @conn_str change 127.0.0. to your LAN IP (the last number) change SQL user on your account change pass on your SQL password next, find: 'SQLOLEDB', ''; 'user';' pass' -- you may not find this line, try searching for 'SQLOLEDB' change to your LAN IP change user to your SQL account change pass to your SQL password 2) Open DBScript
  7. I also have this situation if you download this pack
  8. Can anyone share the shrine-extender-h5 compiled