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  1. Hello everyone, I run a Invision Community v4.5.4.2 forum and I just downloaded the Deflection Theme. I have some questions please if you could help. 1. Where can I remove this bar and the Forums text and leave just the Start new topic button? 2. Where can I edit the Member Statistics or Community Stats bar and add or remove these stats? 3. Where can I add the Group Legends under the who is online bar? 4. Where can I remove the Send me news and updates button form the registation form? 5. Does a VideoBox or LiveStream like MxC have for an
  2. Thank you for the answer! Well I just installed my IPS Forum and I am really glad! I just got a problem with the Theme. I went to ACP - Themes and uploaded JUST the .xml file, nothing else. Now my forum sticks together like something went wrong... the footer and the header sticks together. Any help?
  3. Hello everyone, I am a newbie and need some help to install my IPS Forum. Version: Invision Community Suite [WF NULL] I created an account in InfinityFree.net and got a free domain and free host. I dont know where to start and what to do. I cant find the public_html folder to install the files on my File Manager. Do I use MySQL Database? Please if you could guide me or show me a guide. Thank you so much