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  1. Hello. I got one problem. I got shop which selling +20 weapons but in shop when i select item its doesnt show any + on weapon but when i buy it in inventory its shows +20 . In which system file there is problem ?
  2. Hello. Maybe somebody know how to fix it? On my server system its shows like that when i pressing log in. But when i download other server system no issues so its 100% something wrong inside my system maybe you know which file is bad or any solution?
  3. So i downloaded NPC. from this topic: i,m using Acis on my server. There is 2 folders server side and client side. I copy client side to my L2 files and i write extra line at NPCgrp. Server side now: There is just one file for Acis its Custom NPC.xml where i need to copy that file ? Do i need to copy all file o text from that file to somewhere?
  4. Hello. Maybe someone can teach me how to upload new NPC INTO server? I,m trying watching tutorials but nothing happening. Please add me on discord who got extra 10mins or more! PainInTheAss#1650 Platform: Acis Want to change buffer NPC because its showing rabbit not dont have textures for it so just want any simple npc design.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm beginner with everything 🙂 I got interlude acis 382 server pack but there is no balance with mage cant even take cp when attacking for example archer classes. Is it any chance i can get any better class balance files? CAN PAY FOR IT! Add me on discord: PainInTheAss#1650
  6. Looking for person who can help me to start server on windows can pay little fee. Add me on discord: PainInTheAss#1650