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  1. Hello I'm selling adena in L2reborn. Atm I only have 40kk but will get more. 1kk = 1€ 60KK = 50€ SOM+3 ACU 140€ MJ Robe Set+4333 140€ DC Robe Set+4333 130€ You can pay with Paypal / Bitcoin, use a middleman if you want. I'm very honest with trade as I have bought before so no coming here to scam. Please send me a PM or add me to discord: Xtra#7136 BTW, I can see that Jorro who actually scammed me (dissapeared after I paid him) left me negative feedback.. what a joke and unfair system 🙂
  2. Very happy with his serveces.. hired 13 hours so far. Everything is fast including every hour report. Thank you
  3. Where do you want the proofs? In this thread? By private? I have screenshots, a receipt of a transfer, etc
  4. This person is a scammer, please let me know where can I submit details, have the name and bank details where a payment was made 🙂
  5. Just placed an order with him paying BTC (Bitcoin). Everything perfect and fast, took only 10 min to wait BTC confirmation. He also gave me more adena because of waiting, very kind and will come back for more, totally recommended 🙂 Thx