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  1. Pied Piper of Dion - First event announced! Go to the forum, find out the details and share your opinion. www.l2sanctuary.pl/forum
  2. Thanks. That's right, this website and the official websites were my inspiration.
  3. NON-COMMERCIAL LINEAGE II SERVER www.l2sanctuary.pl Hi everyone! I am pleased to present you the server that I have been preparing for over half a year. A unique server with original ideas that you will not see anywhere else! We start at the beginning of September. Before that, there will be an open beta planned for the week, which will start on August 23, 2021 at 20:00 CEST and to which I cordially invite you all. Sanctuary will be primarily a non-commercial server, free of any fees, subsidies and micropayments! I take all the cost of maintaining the server myself. At Sanctuary, we will play the High Five chronicle with x2 rates (spoil x3, quest x4). You can find out the details on our website. Below are some selected features that distinguish Sanctuary. EXPANDED CHARACTERS CUSTOMIZATION Sanctuary has a wide selection of skins that allow you to freely manipulate the appearance of the equipment! A thoughtful system of acquiring skins will provide additional hours of fun and build the prestige of your character! You'll find new hairstyles here. Put a hood on any armor, or hide your cloak if you like! NEW ITEMS AND SKILLS Blessed versions of all epic jewelry and new Lilith necklace Dimensional bracelets new Weight Increase skills and books for them two more levels of Divine Inspiration new recipes and key materials UNIQUE MOUNT SYSTEM In each city you will find mounts to rental, which are the main mode of transport in the game up to level 40 and will make you feel the unique atmosphere and size of the Lineage II world. RESTORED IMPORTANCE OF CRAFTING Interlude server-style crafting is back at High Five! At Sanctuary you will find recipes and key materials for the TOP S84 equipment! THE SUBCLASSES ARE AS STRONG AS THE MAIN CLASS I made every effort to ensure that the game in the subclass was as sensible as the game in the main class. Therefore, you can develop subclasses up to level 85, use Hero skills on them, and get skills from certificates. FACILITATE WITHOUT DESTROYING THE GAME CONTENT At Sanctuary, you decide which class change quests you want to do and which you want to skip! Each character receives 2-3 Certificates of Competence, which allow them to skip quests. Unused certificates can be exchanged for rewards after reaching the third profession. AMAZING INTERFACE AND COLORFUL MACROS On the server you will find 77 multi-colored macro icons to choose from, thanks to which the shortcut bars will never be monotonously green again. REASONABLE RULES Sanctuary is a server focused on creating a healthy community of players, because the server is primarily people. Thanks to our non-commercial nature, we are not tied with the profitability of the entire project and we can freely fight for rules, respect and good atmosphere on the server. FAIR OLYMPIAD The Olympiad is the heart of every server, so we've made every effort to ensure that hero status is solely the result of skill and luck. Concentrating key fights for Hero in one day will minimize the risk of match-fixing and ensure the appropriate randomness of opponents, and the weekly duration of the status will give everyone a chance to win. The remaining days are devoted to other, exotic duels where you can test your skills in subclasses and in team fights. SHARED ACCOUNT PROTECTION SYSTEM Although we do not recommend sharing accounts, we are well aware of the practice and the needs of players. That's why we've created the share character protection system that allows you to use your character with others without worrying about losing your account or inventory!