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  1. Quitting Reborn Can be traded for adena on Club x 3 server. *we must use MXC middleman service, and split the fee. WTS on Reborn +4444 Tallum Heavy Set - 230 USD sold +44444 Majestic Jewel set - 110 USD 57lv 77% Strider - 35 USD Adena 145kk in stock 1 usd per 1kk (25kk sold) Adena 120kk left 1usd per 1kk (50kk sold) Adena 70kk left 1usd per 1kk 74 Lv. Warlord - 90 usd (Str+4 Dex+5 / Con-9 dyed) I accept only PayPal as payment methods. Middleman service (aka. MXC) is available of your choice if you
  2. This seller is very kind, and the transaction was very quick and smooth. I strongly suggest this seller. Thanks!