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  1. Hello there. Im looking for an active clan to play with at nights , cause at day im working. Will be better if Clan will be from Ukraine or Russia. But if u are from GR , i know gr language to , so i could talk with ya.I love to play high rates and mid rates servers costum and no costum , i love more classic gaming , but if there is something intresting that Clan will find , ofc i will join too. About my self a little bit . Im playing L2, since L2e-global and l2-bnb , who knows those servers will understand how long im playing. I love to play mages , necro is my best character and class , but i also can be usefull as support to , for example as a bishop. Im enought fingerless to play it. So those are 2 of my be loved classes. If u need me with something alse in-game i can also create it and play it , i know mostly of the characters so i dont mind , but i would prefer necro and bp. Mostyle im active after 19.00/21.00 pm , and i can be on till 4.00 or 5.00 am , but this is not everyday. I can be active with your on TeamSpeak or Discord whatever you had , its not big deal for me. At epics im always online to help , mostly im loving killing epics so im always online on them. Anyway anything alse you would like to know about me , you can message me here , at MXC. My age is 27 years old , and country : Ukraine . Cheer's.