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  1. Yes i have make mistake when i create the topic, i don't know how to do for relocated the topic. One dot is for same folder, two is for parent folder. The link is good beacause i use the same config for the textures custom ; Paths=./custom/SysTextures/*.utx Paths=../SysTextures/*.utx With the textures this conf work. I think the client don't use this config for music files, beacause i have change the name of foler "music" in "musicTest" and change the conf for : Paths=../musicTest/*.ogg And no music works.
  2. Hello, I have a problem with my l2.ini file, i want add custom music file in system folder but the client don't use my l2.ini config ; Paths=./custom/music/*.ogg Paths=../music/*.ogg i have try with .Ogg .Ogg .OGG, if i put my custom music in music folder it's work. The same config for the custom SysTextures work.