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  1. About problem is info in first post :P This script is only there becouse i want modify script code :) Korean letters are not important.
  2. Hi i use tutorial on forum and i make script but he didnt work. I modify done script (in L2Walker) and he didnt work to . I have a question. I need to make script who use GASP < greater attack speed potion > when hi end . Pls help me with them , thanks : PS : sorry for my english .. LABEL(检测打怪圈) CharStatus(CHP,<=,0) { DELAY(1000) MSG(死亡回城!) GOHOME() JMP(出城) } MSG(开始检测。。。) POSINRANGE(-44821,-114537,-240,2500) { MSG(在城内,出城打怪。) LOADITEM(道具名[iD=1375]) USEITEM(道具名[iD=738]) ]) [b]Greater Swift Attack Potion[iD=1375] [/b] JMP(出城) } POSOUTRANGE(-37480,-122220,-1672,2500) { MSG(走出
  3. Thanks . Working on 100 % . I check 3 hellbound serwers and hi working at all
  4. Good work , Thanks for that , is very useful :)