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  1. WTS Char Duelist 76lvlwith items -Full plate +4 set -Blue wolf Heavy BP-Gaiter-Helmet (Majestic boot/gloves heavy) -B grade samura samura dual +7 -Dragon belt +2 -onyx lvl3 coral lvl3 zircon lvl3 spinel lvl3 -Brootch lvl 3 -agath brache lvl 3 -ingris +5 ,Petran+4,Joy +6 -Cloack Protection +4 -Ring of isolence +4 -venir lvl 6 -Fire lvl 2 -10 Magic Table and more 50e pm me
  2. WTS Duelist with + skills Duals Periel+7 (passive pvp.patck) Vesper heavy noble set + 6 (Boot+8) lvl5-6 Vorpal jewels set Belt pvp def Hero Cloak Olf `` Gift `` Spoiler lvl 85 Mage lvl85 vesper robe set + vesper buster +4
  3. Geia sas paidia Twra pou einai kleisto to http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.6.x ti mporo na xreisimopoioiso gia to eclipse?