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  1. Hey? I dont know this guy...Please elaborate your position or confirm you're a tosser.
  2. As in the topic description, wts Adena on l2 essence Blue skype : live:.cid.53185752e5598ca8
  3. As written in the title, cashing out my small charset =) Hell Knight lvl 78,13% Either naked or with gear: Doom heavy set +6 Art of battle axe +10 Black ore jewelry set +3-4. Talisman of Insolence 6 Support set for it : 1.Prophet (Hierophant) lvl 76, comes with Avadon robe set and Valhalla's sword. 2.Bladedancer lvl 75, comes with doom heavy set and top C duals : P SOLD 3.Swordsinger lvl 74, comes with doom heavy set and Crystal dagger. 4.Doomcryer lvl 78 All the chars only were in the hands of mine, never resold or changed ownership. I own the e-mails and they are located at solid international services. I will strongly prefer to sell everything as a pack but as soon as i get a really juicy offer for something in particular i would give it a thought. For all the further process : Skype live:.cid.53185752e5598ca8 - Alexander Obone Also wts adena on Giran server : 500kk stock 0,3 eu = 1kk 400kk left