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  1. Hello guys, days ago i started to play with some textures, finally i fixed some problems but now i have new ones .-., no idea why the textures of heaven divine and fogotten are not showed, as you can see i remplaced the only texture what Ureal detect, and is just wait, any idea why? i will atach more screens: what i see in the client: (forgotten blade texture) others textures what im working without problem: (draconic bow) thanks in advance!
  2. Problem solved, i was wrong thinking about the black parts, in video that areas can be alpha zones, but here no, not in photoshop, please close/delete the post.
  3. Hello ppl, first post here, i want to start with some client mods, and i got this problem, as you can see in some parts is a black border, but not in all the armor/weapon just in some parts, i alerdy modifid the alpha mode in unreal editor, but the problem still, what can be? thanks in advance.