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  1. L2 Arion just merged to L2 Pandora, all my stuff is there now, feel free to contact and we can make a deal: Eva's Templar lvl 85 Nightmare Heavy Set +8 +6+6+6 Dark Legion Edge +8 Super Othel 13 - Aug: Chance fear lvl 5 Typhoon Spear +3 Othel 5 - Aug: Might Passive Assassin's Bamboo Hat +1dex +1wit Ignis Necklace +7 Land Dragon Belt Fire Dragon Pendant +8 Brooch lv 2 - Garnet 4 - Ruby 3 - Jade 3 Bracelet of Duty lv 5 Talisman Of Insolence VI - III x2 Agathion Bracelet Lv 4 - Scorpio. Sagitta, leo +3+3+4 50 rune exp 2h 100% 230 High Exp Scroll 100% some days of epics - dolls from missions (missions still unlocked ready to get rewards) Aden Cloak - Legendary 3 High Grade Transformations 35 Enhancement Armor Stone 300kk+ adena Lots of stuff like b grade armors, full set a grade jewel, some weapons B grade, Dasparion staff, some enchants B-A grade, some A armors, some runes lvl 6-8, lots of cry A-B, some mats
  2. It's a scammer, just got added by a fake scammer from citygamers don't trust this skype: live: digitaldemiurg
  3. Some ppls know and it's pretty official that Arion (1.5k players, 500 real with decent peaks in the evening for oly and stuff) is gonna merge into Pandora (4k players, atleast 2.5k real), same admins, same stuff, same chronicle, same site, same vote's redirection (lol). Btw im selling: char lvl 85, full attributes, nm+6/8, weap a +++ othel super 13 fear augument, some other A weap (typhon+3 othel, dasparion), legendary cloak, fulled belt, fulled pendant, toi6 (+some other toi 2-3), garnet 4, ruby 3, ignis +7, 500 donation pounds(used to refresh missions), bracelet of duty lvl 5, agathion bracelet lvl 4, agathions +3+4, fashion item +1+1, 3 high appeareance, lot of mats and some more useful stuff, ex-HERO (3 times in a row) - FRESH EPICS -30 days PM ME on forum if Interested, i'll give more infos.