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  1. yes it would be with the iordanov interface, but it has no auto enchant nor boot and only the auto pot interface
  2. guys looking for the video interface ... it is like the original interface but it has auto cp / mp / hp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kbcDwxRYyw&t=139s In the video there is a link that says that the interface is not the same as the video
  3. sorry friend kkkkk i'm using google tadutor kkk and phyton and not php
  4. Estou tentando criar um npc por script phyton para a rev l2jfrozen onde os players so poderam teleportar se estiver em party... alguem poderia me ajudar I am trying to create a php script npc for rev l2jfrozen where players can only teleport if they are in party ... could someone help me