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  1. Hello, guys! The Shared package is a perfect solution for projects with small proxy requirements. Just after the release, it immediately drew a lot of interest and the demand is growing every day. We appreciate your trust in our business and we do everything to make your work more profitable. So from now on there will be twice as much proxies in Shared! Now you have access to more than 20,000 IP addresses for just $10 per month! And all protocols supported! The package contains proxies from more than 100 countries. And with our free proxy checker you can quickly filter only the proxies you need. If you have any question, be sure to reach out our support. They stay in touch 24/7: Jabber: support@rsocks.net Telegram: @RSocks Skype: rsocks.net ICQ: 560335 www.rsocks.net
  2. Hello dears! We carefully listen to every wish, so today we hasten to please our customers: We've found a great solution to raise the amount of proxies in Mail Special and Global Mix packages. The total amount of proxies in these packages has already grown from 100 000 to 140 000 IP and this is not the limit. Work on the Mail Special and Global Mix packages is in full swing, RSocks continues to build up proxies in all available ways. Here is another good news: we are not going to charge more for this upgraded package, because we do not want to disappoint our customers. Once again: the price of Mail Special and Global Mix packages remains the same. Not sure take it or leave it? There is a way out Apply for a free trial! To do this, reach out our support, and be sure to test the upgraded package for an hour for free! Jabber: support@rsocks.net Telegram: @RSocks Skype: rsocks.net ICQ: 560335 www.rsocks.net
  3. Proxies are getting banned too fast? Need more frequent update but on a low budget? RSocks knows just the trick! We present you a new proxy package of Rotating Ukraine - 100% updating every 5 minutes! During a day you will get about 15 000 unique Ukrainian IP addresses. The package contains 50 ports and costs just $70 a month! Rotating Ukraine Online: 50 IP Updating: 100% every 5 minutes Threads: 50 Price: 3$/hour, 8$/day, 20$/week, 70$/month A perfect option for those who seek a small amount of proxies with a high updating rate. The new package is already available in your RSocks account. Don't forget our contacts: Jabber: support@rsocks.net Telegram: @RSocks Skype: rsocks.net ICQ: 560335 www.rsocks.net