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  1. Wtb à power lvl for a pp lvl 32 To 56 or 76 and ee lvl 31 To 56 or 76 . Just tell me thé price
  2. What is your price for up à prophet and à ee lvl 31 To 56 ?
  3. Wtb à or B weapon oe . So now i want thé weapon and after i give you the money
  4. Take care To jumanji . Its à thief . I had give him thé money and thé itzm is not mine
  5. Hi i search a staff B Or A OE on giran server . Give me your mail for talking
  6. I buy à cabrio hand +10 or highter on giran server classic
  7. I Will complete m'y message . Do toi have minimum +12
  8. WTB DAIMON CRISTAL OE on server giran classic
  9. I want a staff OE A, B , C on giran server .