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  1. We are LegionOfScythe (LoS) and we are a casual gaming crew of 10 people. Some new some veterans, Some young and some Oldies. We are currently playing on L2 Cronicles of the Past, where we play together on Sieges, Epics and normal raids. We are mostly looking for non-toxic people that want to get some of those nostalgic L2interlude with a casual game style, No obligations, No stress. Reply here and ill message you back.
  2. Definetly the wrong time, currently got 17 active/casual players in my clan alone. There is now 4 clans playing in total (the rest i dont know any info of)
  3. First sieges, First Epics and first solid PVPs have landed and to be fair we need some more enemies!! Join up now and get free C-grade armors ! PM PeringyBelius
  4. L2Cotp for me as a casual clanleader is an good way to goof around have fun with the classic L2 experience. I'd recommend coming by, joining LegionOfScythe, and check it out for yourself. The dedication of the staff is good and makes for a low custom but perfect L2 Nostalgie. Greetz PB