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  1. So now if some of the people who play a server come here and give their opinion and share their experiences (I, know SOME of them are not really helpful, like the ones who give just 1 sentence) about the server that the main topic is about, you consider it "Bots spamming" ? Im just a normal player trying to get more people to play, telling them whats good about the server and why they should give it a try If you insist on thinking like you do RN then im sorry to tell you, but you got a really limited tought process my friend
  2. Before going further i would like to point a thing not many ppl said about this server. This server is probably the LEAST Pay to win server out there. Arent you fucking tired of those cookie cutter H5 server that last 2 months, and that really are just a cash grab for the staff running them ? then this server is probably your best bet. The server has some really novelty features (Skill tree, blood pool), and its a breath of fresh air on the boring and cloned state of private servers, its a shame not many people knows about it. The community is pretty nice (except for 1 or 2 buffoons, but well every place has some of those) And last but not least, (and probably has something to do with the fact i mentioned first) the staff isnt doing this just for the money, they're not a bunch on desinteresed GM's/Admins wannabe, like 80% of the staffs of private servers. They do care for this project because is like their baby, been there since S1 and can tell you guys this is true. I'll be waiting online for anyone who want to give this server a try, so see you ingame!