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  1. TALKING ISLAND TI WTS BH 52 12kk 40usd TH 53 12kk 40usd AW 52 12kk 40 usd HE 51 10kk 30usd SWS 50 10kk 30usd pm if interested will trade any for a BD 52+ thanks pm me here i have discord and skype paypal
  2. WTS 20 mil TALKING ISLAND SERVER 7$ a mil paypal pm me here
  3. hello reporting sellerz https://maxcheaters.com/profile/179366-sellerz/ skype is rddvmhere uses paypals avatarofw033@gmail.com igor@katerinich.com https://imgur.com/QvYNEhm https://imgur.com/3Gs59cu so basically this guy said to make an adena order so the price will be a bit cheaper. i made the order for 65$ and he then made excuses on why he could never give me the adena... such a loser says he has a problem with family i wish the worse on him and his family Him telling me he does want to get banned lol and trying to get me to give him more $$ https://imgur.com/4uJAFaA this is the money i sent him for his "preorder" https://imgur.com/FPGpbAV convo of him telling me about his preorder https://imgur.com/myyoJax first excuse https://imgur.com/TGFNwyZ second excuse https://imgur.com/5Pyo46h third... i prob should have got the hint lol https://imgur.com/NbdtOqk more excuses https://imgur.com/eVKHVif more https://imgur.com/xufCFHR https://imgur.com/s38vrOC This is the last thing he said https://imgur.com/KGv29vA please ban this guy there is also more people reporting him but they are not doing it in the right section.
  4. WTS or WTT BISHOP 55 its not 56 female for EE same lvl (TALKING ISLAND) 110usd pm me here thanks
  5. no its ok im already being helped my credit card company is very good :D
  6. luckily my CC company is helping me :D
  7. ? as someone who is going to be selling a service here he should be able to click the refund button and send me the correct amount. This is indeed a scam lol
  8. Hello reporting this scammer who tried to scam me out of 1,732 USD :D https://maxcheaters.com/profile/205186-topcontent/ SKYPE: artem.pogosyan.32 PAYPAL EMAIL: 32pogosyan@gmail.com here is another Paypal email he said to use since he make accounts everyday classic.piter@gmail.com so basically this person told me to send 27 USD to him and that if i sent it in usd it would convert to RUB, It did not convert to RUB and it sent 1,732 usd to him. the next day i check my bank to confirm that it sent 1,732 usd and so i message him telling him(the scammer) the problem. He(the scammer) then says no i only received 27usd. So i said ok no problem. But then the next day my bank tells me that i did not pay 1,732 usd.. so i message him(the scammer) again telling him whats going on... He then tells me again no no i only received 27 usd no problem which is a lie. He also says its your fault for clicking usd when he is the the one who told me to do it. I call paypal and they tell me they cannot help me and i must contact (the scammer) for a refund. So i contact (the scammer) and he says no no i cant refund you because i make new accounts every day and it wont let me refund which is a lie. I was basically asking the scammer to refund me the USD that i sent which was 1,732 usd and i would send him the right amount back in RUB and he refused to do so. Long story short is i had to call my bank then call my credit card company for about a week straight. Also he ended up blocking me. Right now my bank is in the process of getting the money back and my bank is cooperating with me which is a huge relief . I just want to warn other of this guys. Very shady scammer this is him telling me to pay in usd https://imgur.com/a/Fuhwcif here is the first convo once i found out https://imgur.com/gallery/30c4QPz second convo of his lies and telling me he cant help me https://imgur.com/gallery/aU2xlWw Here is me asking nicely to help me but telling me its my problem https://imgur.com/gallery/WFo7r0C here is him blocking me https://imgur.com/gallery/BhrfA2k this is the message i got https://imgur.com/a/SCgSkXY full payment https://imgur.com/gallery/crWyxsg