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  1. dead server after 4 days, not even 1 week, now opening l2cosmos and linezeus.gr that will fail within 1 week as well. shame on such servers
  2. we dont care about ur last 45 registration rofl, fail redmoon server opening again for 3 days then death... gg
  3. l2cosmos = l2redmoon = linezeus.gr = vercetti = fail server = 1 week server
  4. this server is not dead, this server is totally empty, there are no players at all. gg vercetti, when next server?
  5. epic server, closed after 2 weeks, fail of the year!!!!! and now reopening to close after 1 week :D
  6. good project, he open redmoon and closed after 2 weeks, now open gve and closing after 1 week maybe? :) dont open such fail servers again