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  1. Hello , I wana sell my soultaker because i dont have anymore time to play, i invested about 120eu all im asking is 40eu Items: DC ROBE SET BOMT A WEAPON HAT +DEX + WIT ADEN CLOAK +7 DRAGON BELT +3 MJ JEWELS PENDANT +4 BROOCH 3LVL ALL JEWELS 3LVL ADEN TALLI +7 SPEED TALLI +3 AUTHORITY LV 1 AGANITHIONS VIRGO 3 LVL , AQUARIUS 3 LVL ETC U can change password and email also. Contact me via discord : nepasakok_pasaku#8721
  2. I block that dude on skype i dont remember username , he was pretending he is "citygamer" from epicnpc middle man. Be carefull guys. Double check skype, i figure it out when i saw skype is not same like on website and irl , and when i ask him to pm me from citygamer user he was avoiding it. I suggest use maxcheaters middlemans :)
  3. be carefull he try to scam me with another skype acting like a middle man off epicnpc webiste. idiot :)))