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  1. Played 3 or 4 interlude seasons there,don't remember exactly.It's a good pvp experience,zero lag(you can turn of the animations if its too crowded and your pc cant handle it),balanced classes(check the changes on the site before you chose a class so you won't cry afterwards) and the whole setup with the events is great.The very first days are the most pleasurable.Massive action. Donations are pretty expensive.And thats good for the game.Very few people will donate 3digits that will give them significant advantage over the others.Most will give small amounts just to get a small boost and get access to the donation manager that offers some usefull gear with discount from time to time. Seasons end when all the community leaves the server.100 days on average.I have seen it last more or slightly less.I honestly think that if people decide to play there lets say for 3 years it will last 3 years.From what i 've seen,the server only gets wiped if it's completely empty. On the downside.There are some geodata issues that every java server has.Sometimes you will fall under dark elven village or you will stuck when you are chasing an other character from behind with your dagger to backstab him. Anyway im not here for the reward,i don't need it,i can own them so easy that i'm willing to give people like Neras and Prevy a head start just to make things interesting. I just want the game to last longer this time cause i really enjoy it.So the more people the better. Join Order if u want to live :D P.S. Don't give your items to a guy named Luffy.