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  1. Hello i have Yul Sagitarius to sell on Core server Specific info about character : Character is naked All what character have is several exp items very basic brooches talisman. Yul Sagittarius 104 and 52% Dual Class Othell Ghost Hunter 101 and 40% Both Subclass 80lvl All skills +10 (except one) Augment active reflect 5x Blessed Lucky Enchant stone Armor 34x Blessed Lucky Enchant stone Weapon 11x Vitality Tonic (1 Bar) 12x Happy Birthday Potion (3 Bars) 1x Vitality Maintanig Potion (Retains vit for 10min) 71x Vitality Star 13x Freya Frozen Scroll 55x PA Rose 3x Exp Buff 50% 3x Eva Rune 1h 18x Pomona Scroll 1x Agathion Joon 30d 1x Ancient Hero box 2004x Daily Coins 5x Dandy Home Run Ball (exp 100%) 10x Dandy Passion Scroll (Reduce dmg 10%) 10x Dandy Faith Scroll (like Rose) 47x High grade Spirit Stone (Not tradable) 9x Prestige Rune 100% 1h 1x Prestige Rune 100% 7Days 55x Top Love Potion Factions GC - 6lvl Blackbird - 5lvl 33% Fishing - 4lvl 65% Atelia - 4lvl 6% Hunter - 3lvl 77% Elven - 1lvl 50% Gos - 2lvl 18% Brooch 4 slots Ruby 2 Opal 2 Diamond 2 Tanzanite 2 Red Cat 2 Vital 2 Shiny Shirt +10 talisman Hellfire Zaken Agathion - Perma. P.Skill Crit Damage Talisman 10000/12000 mana Toy knight gift box Turtle ascetic summon necklet I collecting offers only. Can be Euro/Adena/Items at core. Account giving with full access to mail.