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  1. No i was able to pass the SlimDx error following this guide http://botealamamila.blogspot.com.ar/ By installing this 2. Instalar la libreria SlimDX SDK January 2012 bajar de aquí The only error missing is this one 12:14:59 p.m. :[ERROR: L2.Net latest version check timed out. This can be caused by many things including: that gay porn you are seeding. But i think that is because it couldnt update to last version... right??? Now it doenst pop-up any error at all. Tried opening L2 client myself after "listening" b
  2. Just tried the l2net guide from this link But i downloaded the L2net from this one cause its H5 but im getting this error and when i try to use Game window this happens Any reason why its not working? Server is High Five L2 Hesidos. This is the server IP according to a L2edit i found here :l. Put in loginlist.txt the Server Login name and the IP. Then i went to interface.txt and changed the exe path of l2.exe according to its own in my noteb.
  3. Hello ty for everyone to answer, Yeah The server im playing atm is free antibot. U can use anything u want. The only thing u cant do is be afk. If u are afk and someone reports u u go into jail cause report sends u a captcha. But thats all. Everything is allowed. BTw couldnt find in that forum how to configure the L2project :S Help please to set the Ip adress of my server? I am currently working but .. Its not so cheap to buy a pc .. Curently saving $2000 a month which in dolars would be u$s 80. And a semi-good pc costs around $50000=u$s2000... Its like ill never be abl
  4. Hello i remember using a bot long time ago but i dont remember its name. It was so awesome cause i didnt need to open a L2 Client. Currently im using a notebook to play L2 and its not that good. If i open 2 Clients my notebook get really hot. So i remember i used to play with this type of bot. But i need help remembering its name. Does anyone know if im making sense?? :D Maybe it was so good that it was a dream and im imagining things LOL.