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  1. GRAND OPENING 21 JUNE 2019 At 20:00 GMT +2 Basic Information Experience Rates: x1200 SP Rates: x1200 Adena: x Custom Party Exp: x 1 Party SP: X 1 Enchant Rates Safe +4 for armor Safe +4 for weapons Normal Enchant Scrolls 65% Blessed Max Enchant +12 for Armor (Blessed Scrolls Rate 75%) Blessed Max Enchant +14 for Weapons (Blessed Scrolls Rate 75%) Crystal max +14 for Armor(45% if item wont succesfully enchant will drop one enchant bellow.) Crystal max +18 for Weapons(45% if item wont succesfully enchant will drop one enchant bellow.) You can enchant wit
  2. Reborn12 , Sinister Smile Thank you guys :D Charm3R yeap its just a pvp server :D
  3. L2Arkon Features Rates EXP: 1200x SP: 1200x Adena: 1200x Buffs All Buffs in NPC Buff Slot 36 + 4 Buff Time: 3 Hours Enchant's & Augments Safe: +4 Max Enchant Weapon : +20 Max Enchant Armor : +20 Chance Scroll Normal: 60% is Decreasing Chance Scroll Blessed: 90% is Decreasing Chance Scroll Improve: 100% Augment Skill : 1 Active - 1 Passice Chance Top Life Stone 20 Chance High Life Stop 10 Chance Mid Lifr Stop 5% Olympiads New periods on each 7 days Allows to register only 1 character by computer Informations Custom NPC's Server pl