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  1. WTS Adrenaline key with 23 days left Its for 1 window. More info pm Reason: I cant play this month
  2. Nope 2.1 doesnt work. Only works Deadz if u crack files interfaces If there are any guide we could do it ourselves :)
  3. Hi, WTS: - Set Moirai Heavy +6 MW 1800 att - Cutter focus +6 MW 300 att - Zaken - Freya - Hero Cloak - Adena - Festival Adena - Weapons - Items More info add me skype: juanma-eru
  4. WTS: - Donate Coins - Doomcryer 79 + noble + 2 subs (pony+bd) - Moonlight Sentinel 82 + noble + 2 subs (pony+sws) + VIP - Arcana Lord 77 + noble + 2 subs (tank+bd) For more info pm.
  5. General rates and features EXP x20 SP x20 Adena x12 Seal Stone x5 Drop chance x15 Spoil chance x15 Epaulettes х5 Manor x1 Fame x1 RB Exp/Sp x7 RB drop x4 Epic Boss Exp/Sp/Drop x3 Drop quest item x3 Enchant Atribute stones 40% chance Atribute crystals 35% chance Max enchant +12 Safe enchant +4 Otras caracteristicas Songs y danzas: 12 slots Mana potions: 1000 de MP con 10 segundos de delay. Sistema de voto cada 12 horas. Se añadira una runa especial en el reward de voto que te da un pequeño aumento a tu ataque y defensa (Tambien funciona en olimpiadas). Solo utiliza el comando .getreward. Stream - Escribe .stream in game, sincroniza tu cuenta Twitch alli y obten un buff por 24 horas que funciona como una Cuenta Premium. Auto Potions - Escribe .potions in game y activa las pociones CP/HP/MP Automaticas. Combine talismans - Comando: .combine Macro Reuse Bug - NO IMPLEMENTADO 7 Raidboss command .7rb Free class transfer GM shop hasta grado S ALT+B buffer Eventos automaticos cada hora. El server es AUTO ACCOUNT.!
  6. OK. i found in this forum you can close this thead thx
  7. Hi, here can i find this patch? Thx.
  8. Who will play there?