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  1. WTS Eminence bow +16 + othell 6 + good augment. can sell for cash or for adena. or can trade to cash/adena and other gun. pm offer, i would sell for good price.
  2. also intrested to trading to any top c gun from +6 and adena
  3. WTS Emi+9 Skelth good price, accepting only euros, write me you skype to pm, try to compose one message with your skype because i come here not very often
  4. pm your skype if intrested there we will have further converastion about price
  5. Wts emi+10 pm me if intrested skelth
  6. WTS Skelth adena 1.15-1.2eur/1kk IN Stock: 80kk also Emi+10 135eur also Necro 61,52lvl CDL learned, WIT dyes, Skeleton Lv1 for aoe. 130normal xp scrolls, 30high xp scrolls, 2x perma tp stones: DV, giran. At the moment 0 sub days write here your skype and i will contact ASAP. If you find cheaper let me know and i will make you discount. Paypal accepted/Revolut accepted If you are not trusting me i have known people who can vouch for me.
  7. have 50kk in stock price negotiatable. Pm pm ur skype