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  1. NPC Buffer XnTs Instance {Special}
  2. Grand Opening 30/06/2017 -3GMT 18:00 Come to the great debut of Lineage II XnTs, do not miss out. Rates: 500x XP | 500x SP | 300x Adena Server Econnomy: Equipaments [C], , [A] on sale for adena and custom farm. Buffs: 32 Slot +4 (Divine Inspiration) Enchant's Information: Safe +4 | Max enchant +20 Farm/Drop: Alligator Island {Farm solo} / XnTs Instance {Event Spoil} / Abandoned Camp {PartyZone} Olympiads: 7 in 7 days, allows to register only 1 character by computer. Protection: All Injection protect, DDoS protection. Events: TvT | XnTs Insta
  3. Está com quais problemas? Me envia ele que eu arrumo pra tu.
  4. LINEAGE 2 STORM - 75X [ GRAND OPENING 29/04 ] Website: http://storml2.com Forum: http://storml2.com/forum Facebook: http://facebook.com/line2storm L2 Storm is a different server with unique gameplay and systems that give the player an incredible experience never before seen on another server. With a stylish 75x average rate, the server preserves the PvP style and appreciates the craftsmanship and farm, pleasing from players who enjoy many battles to those who prefer trading and trading. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------