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  1. As tittle said wts my account healer shilen saint(102) and dual feoh storm (105) + email ofcourse As bonus acount com with other account iss sws 101 and other other account a crafter lvl 85 in this case i can t give email because i use it. The main account have everyting is necesary to have and continue in game : - +12 bloody caster (hp mystic 8 /mystic 8/ feoh ) - set robe r99 (hat, boots, top part +6/ gloves +10 /pants +8) Hair accesory p def and cha, m atack and cha - the rest can seen in the pictures Skills feoh +6 til +8 Skills healer range rezist +15 empower, lumi +13 power, salvation +5 time, mana gain 10 shild, blackfire 10 chance and many more i just can t remamber all As faction the most of them are 6-8 only fishing is 2 Exalted status: tavern books needed (have only tauti) Many items in wh and inventar, daily coin i think is 700 on feoh and 500 on iss For more info just ask... the list of full items and adena i will share on privat who pers who is interested. As price we can talk but will be around 650 dolars 3,200b adena Lilith talisman was replace with gos talisman lvl 6 All the trade we make with midleman chosen by both of us and i will pay the midleman. This is a must and i don't negotiate this. Account is still activ so this mean it can have small diference in a good way.
  2. I quit l2 naia because of my time so i sell what i have, i have : bloody caster +12 3 sa (hp mystic lvl 8, mystic lvl 8 and feoh ) abundance lvl 1, anakim, lilith, venir's talisman lvl 9 bracelet int +3 and other one con +3 octavis shirt, epic jwl etc...i can pm you with what i have if you are interested As character if you still looking is a main se 101 and 90% and dual class feoh storm 103 amd 89,55%... skills enchant some of them are 15 13 etc for more info just ask As adena i can sell for 8,5$ 1b, not i don t have to much but after i sell my things i will have more if you are interested. Ty