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  1. WTS CHAR'S/ACC. FULL ITEMS/ADENA/FA EVERYTHING IN LIONNA SERVER.******VERY LOW PRICE***** Add me skype:Centrum Okada or pm here. *** LOW PRICE ***
  2. WTS Adena/Fa in Lionna High Five Private server ADD ME ON SKYPE : Centrum Okada **** 1billion=0.15 euro ONLY **** Right now in stock : 100b Send me message here or in skype *For every purchase (Buy) you will get BONUS adena as a gift*
  3. Hi guys,i wts adena in Lionna high five private server... 1billion=1,5 euro its the best price you will find.... In stock=30b right now.
  4. ~~WTS SpS +30 Full Gear +1 Epic+Adena+FA+Items In Lionna (High 5 server)~~ LOW PRICE CHEAP...Write or send message if u are interested...Payment with PayPal.Thanks for your time. *INFORMATION* Full gear Vesper Noble Robe Foundation set all +8 (Tunic PVP) Shirt CP +8/Belt PVP Skill Attack +6 Veniplant PVP +8 lvl 7 Water (Augment +1 INT) Jewels:Elegia earrings +8/Blessed Freya +8/Elegia Rings +7 Full Char +30 Skills 24+ Billion adena 1000+ Festival adena *******~~~~~~~******* In Warehouse~~ Vesper Buster +10 lvl 7 Wind Vesper Noble Tunic +6 lvl 7 Water/Wind lvl 3 Dark Vesper