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  1. New events available, do not miss out! Access and learn more: http://forum.l2sieghart.com/index.php?/forum/6-events/
  2. Welcome to Lineage 2 SiegHart. Here are all the server information, be part of our community and come to the best PvP server today. INAUGURATION IS IN 27/01/2018 RATES Experience: 1000x Experience in party: 2.0x Skill points: 500x Adena drop rate: 2000x Drop rate: 1x Raid Boss drop rate: 1x Karma rate drop item: 40x ENCHANTS Safe: +7 Max weapon: +35 Max armor: +25 Normal scroll: 65% Blessed scroll: 75% Crystal scroll: 85% NOBLESSE STATUS To get the status of nobles on our server currently has a custom quest. Through the Quest Custom that you pick up at Beatriz in Giran and fulfill your goal. Barakiel respawn 4 in 4 hours. CLASS MASTER and PLAYERS 1st, 2st and 3t it's free. Sub class no quest needed it's free. Up to 3 subclasses. Sub class retail like: start in lvl 40. BUFFS All Buffs at NPC, no have AIOx. Buff no have time, is unlimited. Buffs Slots 36 + 4 (Divine Inspiration). NPC Buff have scheme system and macros pre-defined. ARMORS & WEAPONS Starting using S grade itens. Dread buying using True Gold. All de another custom itens buying using custom craft. Sets: Initial is Grade S retail and medium is Dread. Top is Dynasty and Titanium (same status). Weapons: Initial is Grade S retail and medium is Interlude. Top is Dynasty and Icarus (same status). Jewels: Relic Jewels Boss (only in boss) Commands .menu (all commands below in game). .register and .unregister for events. .deposit and .withdraw to make adena in Gold Bar. .dressme for change skin of you armor and weapon(require 50 pvps or more to use). .epic to show the status of Raid Bosses. .pvpinfo to show ranking and info of another player. .rfreg and .refunreg for event Random Fighter register and unregister. .ranking to show all info of ranks. .status, .inventory and .skills to show all infos of another player. Communty Board (all information and custom features in game). Protection Ant DDOS Protection. Security OverEnchant. Anti-Dupe Items. Trade Log. Warehouse Log. All Injection Protections Other Informations Interlude / Custom server. Balanced status. Server Timezone: Time (-3 UTC). Auto learning skills Epic Bosses: Chaotic Zone. Augument: NG SKILL: 1% | MID SKILL: 2% | HIGH SKILL: 5% | TOP SKILL: 7%. Teleportation for all Towns: GK Global. Spawn protection: 30 seconds Weight penalty are disabled. Unlimited Number of running client. Allowed Offline Trade. Disabled all clan penalty. Olympiad Period: 7 Days in 7 Days (Delivery on Saturdays) Events TvT Event (Automatic) DM Event (Automatic) CTF (Automatic) Lucky Chest (Automatic) PCBang (Automatic) Farm Area Dragon Valley - Low Drop Cave of Trials - High Drop Cruma Tower - Very High Drop Grand Boss Scarlet Van Halisha [80]: Respawn 22 Hours (Drop jewel Relic Halisha's and other items) Valakas [80]: Respawn 20 Hours (Drop jewel Relic Valakas Fiery and other items) Antharas [80]: Respawn 18 Hours (Drop jewel Relic Antharas Tremor and other items) Baium [80]: Respawn 18 Hours (Drop jewel Relic Baium Anger and other items) Zaken [80]: Respawn 17 Hours (Drop jewel Relic Zaken Dementia and other items) Raid Boss Ember: 3 hours +- 1 Rnd Cherub: 3 hours +- 1 Rnd Barakiel: 4 hours +- 1 Rnd More Info Access site: http://l2sieghart.com Access forum: http://forum.l2sieghart.com