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  1. Seems like you don't know it has just started.
  2. Maybe they want to do a disco party for the opening.
  3. Server opening: 19/7/2011 22:00 GMT+1
  4. I love Gelkmaros and Inggison is a nice place to mess up with blood.
  5. I won't roll ely, I hate their boring quests as well as their zones, I just can't stand Eltnen nor Theobomos. And at last, Lord Lannok ftw! Triroan sucks
  6. Elyos are getting overpopulated again... >:( We need asmos.
  7. I don't think so. I think they will wait for tomorrow morning/evening.
  8. No, I am not from the staff. I got it from facebook, they have a group there. http://fb.me/13yfbMXKh
  9. Last updates from staff: Server move is completed. Next step will be to move the registered user database. During this time the registrations will be closed. We're hoping for an opening on the next 24h. We've also prepared a HUGE amount of events. Make sure to clear some space on your schedule, you gonna be busy like you've never been on AION ;)
  10. I don't really know what they are waiting for.
  11. It was a problem with my resolution, nvm.
  12. Yeah, it has just been moved. Seems like they are doing their last changes.
  13. You won't see too much ppl in PK mode, only maybe some twinks. When I was playing on the other server I never found anyone on PK mode.