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  1. WTS Adena 100kk = 22,30 eur minimum 100kk maximum 512kk pm me if you interesting
  2. wts Hell knight(DA) - ( 3% for lvl up on 77 lvl ) exp boost - scrolls 100%(10-13)/ 30%(very much) and some 45%/event items and etc full gear for oly/pvp/pve - full tatoo(3d class)/ oly talisman / 3 B grade sets (doom/bw heavy/bw light) / weapons with different runes some adena and items for maybe 70-90kk i selling char+full gear if you interested you can write your offer in skype Neverm0re93 but anyway as i said i will waiting some time for best offer
  3. 72 warlord(top lvl wl on server) - full boost whith 2 B grade sets (doom robe+doom heavy),full +4 BO set,c grade polearm + 52necro on account full c grade for epics only offers in skype Neverm0re93