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  1. so server start normal, i use l2off vanganth. i created an account , then when i try to log in i log and then i get dissconect and this error on l2server 15.810, [CCliExt::HandleCheckSum] Invalid Checksum[-814968394] vs [8829962] packet[55] len[33] sum[2313] key[34] HWID[] Account[]! ps : i use client version that ive got in pack http://prnt.sc/ekebdi http://prnt.sc/ekeazi
  2. Hello imlooking for and l2off developer who can do some basic workfor me . I will pay half in advice and half after just for trusted members and for non trusted all payment after job done .
  3. Hello l2off developers i look for one developer to help medo some stuff basic one in l2off , i will pay for his work . i wait for pm's
  4. i buy items on global or dawn s++ and epic boss
  5. i buy items here http://www.l2thedawn.com . pm me with items
  6. give me apm i want to buy project and remake it proply