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  1. In Dragon-Network It`s Working Fine just Hit First ... then bsoe to clan hall or normal Bsoe
  2. First Of All You need a Bless Soe or Bless Soe to clan hall then if you see that you lose just make bsoe :D and be happy that you didnt lose any points:)
  3. How could i put the skill for reuse skills in that macro i have the skill for reuse skills in my fists but i fighting with a blunt :) DHA LABEL(BIZON) USEITEM(Demon Splinter[iD=6371]) USESKILL(Bison Spirit Totem) DELAY(1000) USEITEM(Dragon Hunter Axe[iD=6369]) DELAY(180000) JMP(BIZON) CALL(BIZON) here you go that scrip and i need i put that skill from agumentation Music Refresh lvl 3
  4. lol this is really old it was work in c4 :|)
  5. you just first should eneter the acc and pass to the BoT you will need to chose dragon x15 then you must change the windows and write acc and pass to the gameguard aka bake ice when you write the passes then click okey ,accept a terms and chose server on what you play .... then back to the l2walker window and just chose the char what you want play and vua la :P
  6. much of ppls use that bug in the geodatat but servers from dragon-network get some new Gms who ban ppls :D
  7. Soo i have that problem... when i exping on the bot ... and then when orc have 30% hp stop hitting what should i do i will realy thank full for any advice...:* i need to delete some option or what? Cheers:P
  8. zooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOomIiiii can you help me in this:)?
  9. hello my problem is that i do everythhing what is in the guid but when i want to login on walker FIRST i got in Free Tibet(l2 Fork ) 12:06:15 - Debug build 12:06:15 - Using Proxy: False 12:06:15 - Starting... SOCKS[1999] LOCAL[2106] OOG[2107] 12:06:53 - New local connection[2106] 12:06:53 - Local LS connection->Handle 12:06:56 - End of Local:LS connection 12:06:56 - New local connection[2106] 12:06:57 - Local LS connection->Handle 12:07:52 - End of Local:LS connection 12:07:52 - New local connection[2106] 12:07:52 - Local LS connection->Han