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  1. Bad news....im very sad, i will never have other support like Dawid! AdvExt64 FR3DBR team, really? Dammit!
  2. Hmmm..... I think yours is better, is not it?
  3. Good! I appreciate your enthusiasm with the server.
  4. Thanks for the sugestion, I will make several changes to the server and several tests .
  5. Lineage II Bounce - Interlude 75x www.l2bounce.com www.fb.com/l2bounce Server Rates Exp: x75 Sp: x75 Adena: x90 Drop: x1 Spoil: x1 Enchant System Safe Enchant: +3 Max. Enchant for weapons: +16 Max. Enchant for armor: +8 General Infos - Custom and Epic boss Areas will be chaotic ( Except Barakiel ) - Epic Boss with static time ( will born in X DAYS but in the same time always ) - Automatic Events : LTS / DM - Main Town: Giran - 1º,2º, 3º Jobs = Free - Auto Pickup - NPC Buffer - Rebirth System - Custom Noblesse system - Subclass ( Star of Destiny ) -