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  1. have to try this .. i keep trying to find a good interface that has auto farm bot or w/e u call it am new to this kind of things :d
  2. look really nice , need to try this, been looking for that auto skill to make cp pots when am afk :) for a long time xD <3
  3. Oh sad ;) cuz am in a server there exemepel: int 1+ & passive : matk , makes you do a lot of dmg i mean a lot :D Soo how would i make instant agumnt/deaugm? soo i dont have to w8 for the slow time to agum/deaugm? Thanks for the answer's all you. <3
  4. First i wanna start with that my english isne't that good soo sorry if you can't understand what am serching for. I been trying to find a hack/cheat w/e its called for agummention, i wanna be able to add the agument on the wepon i have and choose the agument i want on it. Exempel: blabla wepon agument; strgh +1 & passive: pvp.attack Hope i somehow could explain what i want and hope someone can/have this. Thanks in advance Mr Xho