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  1. hello guys can some1 tell me how many ppl i can hold on my server with 5mb upload? 50down
  2. hello im looking for accessories mask etc for interlude client from kamael-h5 clients (i use acis pack) but from any pack is good :P
  3. c3 was the best client i rly missed it and many more ppl out there who want to remember the good old l2.
  4. guys which one is the opening ogg file from interlude client? ty <3 and if some1 know which one is the ogg file from c4 client for the opening theme :D
  5. guys which one is the opening ogg file from interlude client? ty <3
  6. guys ok i make full maps textures and staticmeshes. i copy the login ogg but nothing oO
  7. hello guys. i cant find what files i have to move from c4 client to c6 client to change the login screen and music. i want make c6 client with c4 login and music. ty for ur help guys :D
  8. hello. i download a c4 client and i want to take the login screen/opening music and put them on a c6 client. can some1 tell me what are those files who i must move? or if i must do smth alse? thanks for ur time :)
  9. im looking for a website with the power of skills at interlude. i use acis pack and i think my skills are fucked up :)
  10. hello guys..any1 have blood patch for interlude? i found only for freya and i cant make it work.
  11. guys why i got this error? this is the code of anarchy and i use acis last revhttp://prntscr.com/9k3k31