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  1. it's fine for me as long as it works.been busting my brain for days and googled every posible way.so far only you gave me an solution wich works so again thnks alot mate
  2. It somehow open adrenaline if i do that.i added it on usb drive and opened it while plugged in w/o getting the error "connection problem or .... " but it doesn't recognise my characters now.you know any way to do that too? EDIT: Copy l2.exe shortcut on usb drive aswell and open lineage from there.now it works!! Thx alot Restrainer for your help
  3. same for me.1 day it works just fine and the next morning i get this error.nothing changed,same antivirus same windows 10 same server same client etc.i added to antivirus exception aswell
  4. nope.My PC is strong enough to run 30 l2 clients so that shouldn't be a problem
  5. Hope i followed the rules as best as i should. I use l2adrenaline bot cracked on a private server and i have 2 problems while farming: 1.On some of my accounts it works great and i have no problem doing w/e i want but on others i have this error" I am stuck".Basicaly the bot is not working properly.For example as a fighter it will just stay in the same spot and only picking new target but not moving to hit, while if the monster is agresive and it will come to me, my character will then hit.Using in small crowded places won"t be such a problem but i need to use on various maps and zones where