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  1. Hello, so im now i almost sell my all accaunts, now looking for adena buyer , got in stock 14,5kk ( 1kk 7 euro if buying all we can nagotiable to 5 euro per 1 kk ) Pm me here , with ur skype
  2. Hello , seeling almost for free accaunt : warrior with 2 nd proff done 39,50% , (accaunt are also 1,5month sub and inside 24 euros) main accaunt included. I sell it for 20-25 euros ( skrill ) Give me private message with ur skype. we can talk. i can go first is trusted :)
  3. Hello give ur skype with private message , we need MIDDLEMAN. ( who got skrill and paypal)
  4. Hello, selling 2 accaunts. 1. human cleric 37 lwl and also got ~2 month sub. 2. human warrior 39,50% also done 2 nd proff so u can choise gladiator or delete 3 part and make it warlord. also got bets d equipment, ~1,5kk adena. (got also 2,5month preorder and in accaunt are 24 euro. leave me ur skype in private and i contact u. Since i dont play anymore i can sell it really cheap CLERIC SOLD ALREADY! waiting PM with offers for warrior acc, i sell it really cheap.!