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  1. Yul Ghost Sentinel 101 // Dual Othel Ghost Hunter 98 MAIN: Yul Ghost Sentinel (Kamael race) 101lvl 16AP DUAL: Othell Rogue 98lvl Other subs: 80/80 OTHER DETAILS: octavis shirt +4 All skills +10 // (pinpoint +11 quick shot +11) Dyes 2x Giant 5lvl +5 STR , 1x Legendary +5 STR -1 DEX Brouch jewels obsidian 3lvl, ruby 3lvl, opal pearl diamond 2lvl Replica Tiara Almost finished Exalted quest (3part one quest left) Aria's Bracelet STR/DEX Augments: refresh 3,6K PA POINTS some xp runes in wh items : full set eternal +6 (leggings blessed), istina earing +4, istina ring