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  1. Updating News : Our server's Patch will be ready 2 Hours Before Grand Opening tomorrow, Tuesday. For more informations,changelogs,news,updates follow our website's forum. Regards,
  2. Update: Our Forum Is now Up and running. Added Server to vote sites,+Vote System Enabled.
  3. Thank you but we will try our ideas either way.By the way you could keep your aggressive opinion for your self.Adding Custom sh1ts won't make us attractive :)
  4. Do not worry it's not like home made trust us. As for custom items they will not be added. We prefer no-custom.Thank you.
  5. Dear Players-Community,I would like to Announce you our Interlude PvP No-Custom server.: Lineage-HollyWood Welcome To l2hollywood Information rates server ---------------------------------------- Exp:5000 Sp:5000 Adena:5000 Drop:x1 Spoil:x1 ------------------------------------- Information Normal Enchant Scroll Rates: 70% Max 12 Bessed Enchant Scroll Rates: 100% Max 12 Crystall Enchant Scroll Rates: 80% Max 16 Safe enchant: +3 Max weapon enchant: +16 Max armor/jewel enchant: +16 ------------------------------------ Features Vote System Reward Weekly Olympiad Weekly Siege No Bugs 99.9