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  1. After much thought, I decided that I bought this pack. I wrote to them on Skype. - OK He sent me configs files and I immediately thought something wrong. - OK After all, it is the same as L2jPS !!! Never not to buy this pack! - VERY BAD I am quite disappointed. I expected more. You dont need to buy this, download L2jPS, take features and you will have same project without his CB and some fixes... https://www.google.cz/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=sg2uVamTLuyG8QfkrIeIAw#q=L2jps
  2. Hello, I want to buy source code for Hi5 or Freya. 1/ Before buyng I want to test on localhost 2/ I dont want to buy L2scripts, FanDc etc... project based on one same project :-D 3/ I want private developed pack 4/ I jus prefert L2j.. with fixed bugs (I know there are lot of bugs, but almost can be foound on L2jforum) COntact me on SKype: powder.pofos
  3. Do not worry. It is only the first version. I've had more prepared, but I still have to make an exception.
  4. Updates: *Added new design for teleporter *Improves for Automatic teleports - added better logic for teleporting players *Added new function - Teleporting Parties to PvP Locations with window about details of PvP locations. Next updates: *Next improves for automatic teleport *Start to develope Raid Boss teleports with location details as same like PvP locations and more ! PS: New video will be posted tomorrow. Image:
  5. Java Teleporter - Video on Price: 10 Euro for first buy, updated version for existing customer 3 Euro via PayPal Contact Skype: powder.pofos This teleporter contains some functions. Manual Teleporting - working like GK. Automatic teleporting - NPC check your stats and teleport you to locations. PvP zones - Teleport your party to pvp zones. It show you how many players in this zone PvPing Raid Boss teleporting - Its in developing, but in video, you can see how it will work.