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  1. So I want to make a script to drop some items that i dont want so my inventory gona be clean and not get Weight Penalty... Until now with some research that i have done at the forum i have coclused to this begin if (Inventory.User.ByID(itemID, item) = true) then begin end. so, i find the itemID i write it but i dont know what i should write at "item" next to "itemID" and i have stucked...
  2. Thnx a lot...!! i was stucking at the cardinal thnx a lot!
  3. So i have few days that i started using this bot by far i done it well while i was reading other topics and trying alone....But now i stucked.So, i want to create a script that send a Mail with some moneys and items at my main account.. I use this command and i have try lot of things but always i have a error Engine.SendMail I would be gratefull if someone help me!