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  1. yes blackarrow 13, but i'm not often there, so it's better if you write me a pm with ur offer and/or questions
  2. I was thinking of 60 euro (with desire talisman and aria bracelet since these are untradable). However, all my conversations never get past the price question, either i'm only contacted my scammers or the prices droped a lot. So please, do tell me your offer.
  3. hah, also got contacted by that one. Interesting.
  4. Hi all, since Infinite Odyssey is coming, I decided I don't want to be a part of the infinite grind, therefore I'm selling my char (for euro or adena on innova). Main - Othel Wind Rider 99 lvl (close to 0 exp) 4 AP Dual - Aeore Cardinal 99 lvl (close to 0 exp) 2 AP 2 subs lvl 80 Some enchanted skills on main and dual (up to +6). Desire talisman. Some nice untradable items, like istina and octavis enchanced bracelets, light and dark cloaks etc. For more details and offers write in this topic or send me pm. Edit: I could also sell this char together with some items: eternal