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  1. Edited: Custom Enchant Rates - Safe enchant: 3 - Max enchant: 20 - Normal Scroll Enchant: Chance (65%) - Blessed Scroll Enchant: Chance (70%) 'Max +16 - Custom Epic Scroll Enchant: Chance (100%) 'Max +20 Custom Attribute Rates - Enchant Element Stone: Chance (50%) - Enchant Element Crystal: Chance (25%)
  2. The server is new not yet started. I worked on it just me and this is my first project. Now a friend to me, and we want to create something that was not yet in Lineage 2, something that will certainly appeal to those who like something new. Beta will start soon, I do not know how it will look as a balance but I will try to do as much of the time that the server was reasonably balanced and good maintenance. Yours Manny ' L2 Epic wars
  3. General Information L2 Epic Wars is Customized Experience / PvP Server You need farm, exp and more PvP's to get equipment or enhance your stuff with overrated rates etc. - Website: Coming soon - Forum: Coming soon - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2epicwars Server Features Fully functional Npc's: There are GM Shop, Gatekeepers, Custom Buffer and service managers in every town to manage all your needs! Character control panel: Use .ccp command to manage your character settings! Killing spree system: You will rewarded for killing 3,5,10,15,20 and 25 players in row! Achievemen