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  1. Does anybody know where I can find the textures used for the map? https://legendary.lineage2scarlet.com/img/maps/graciafinal-monster-level-map-min.jpg I'm using interlude. I have umodel and I'd like to export the individual sections so I can reconstruct the image 1:1 in other editing tools.
  2. Thanks a bunch for the links. I've found what I'm looking with xdateditor (where to change the texture it uses): I don't think I'll be needing the compiler or the explorer. I'm not planning on changing or adding functionality, just the cosmetic apperance.
  3. I've managed to get as far using l2encdec on interface.u and nwindow.u and then using UT Package Tool to explore the UI functions. I'm trying to change the textures of the interface to an older chronicle, but I can't seem to figure out exactly where or how the textures for windows and such are assigned. I tried looking in the files that other people have modified, but I'm not entirely sure where in this big list of functions. Anybody have a guide or can point me in the right direction?
  4. Sorry for pulling an 11 year old post but this is what comes on google when you search for NPC's not showing health bars. It doesn't have to do with L2Monster, but in class AbstractNpcInfo there is this line _isAttackable = _npc.isAutoAttackable(attacker); Which checks if the npc instance is attackable. If this is true, than later under writeImpl()... writeD(_npc.getObjectId()); writeD(_idTemplate + 1000000); writeD(_isAttackable ? 1 : 0); If you have a custom class that copies something that was originally L2Npc, or you want all bars visible or not, than you can modi