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  1. I play isogames actually. This are some reasons for you to join: -Dual box is allowed for trades. Dwarf can stay 24/7. -Comunity have grown. More online people. -Daily restart for drops = no lag. -Top 1 over 100. -Top 5 over 200.
  2. Isogames have released a new patch. It's the version 1.5 I need to use walker xD. l2 is kinda borring since IG doesnt work. I've tryed IGWalker 1.47 (as posted in this thread: [HELP]IsoGames Oog and IG) and still is not working. Does anyone success to launch IG in isogames? Thank you for your time
  3. I cant make it work. I load the ig walker from patcher in the same directory ;it gives the "l2.exe file size error". I change file name l2.exe to lineageII.exe and viceversa, same error. Hosts file is ok Please help ???
  4. L2.exe file size error This "says" my l2walker when I try to run it. I need some help; maybe is because of the update to interlude? :S